Kingdom : Animalia
                         Class : Aves
                      Family : Struthionidae
       Scientific Name : Struthio Camelus

                     Size(H) : 1.8m - 2.7m 
                                       (6ft - 9ft)
               Wing Span : 1.5m - 2m 
                                       (4.9ft - 6.5ft)
                      Weight : 63kg - 130kg 
                                       (140lbs - 290lbs)
                Top Speed : 74km/h (42mph)

                 Life Span : 50 - 70 years
                      Colour : Brown, Black, Grey, 
                                       White, Pink
                 Skin Type : Feathers
Distinctive Features : Small wings and
                                      long neck and legs
  1. The Ostrich is the biggest bird in the world.
  2. The ostriches are found in central and eastern Africa.
  3. They are very closely related to the Australian Emu and the New Zealand Kiwi.
  4. There are around 5 species of ostrich.
  5. All the species are quite similar but vary in size and color.
  6. The male ostrich often grows more than 2 m tall.
  7. They are also the fastest birds on ground in the whole world reaching speed of 50 mph for short durations.
  8. Despite being a bird, they cannot fly as they are very heavy and weigh around a 100 kg.
  9. They either lay flat to hide from the predators or run away when threatened.
  10. They live in herds, which include an alpha male, female ostriches and their chicks.
  11. The female ostriches lay their eggs in the nest which hatch after an incubation of around 6 weeks.
  12. The ostrich chicks are taught to defend and feed themselves by the alpha male.
  13. Ostriches are omnivores feeding on leaves, grass, seeds, roots, flowers, berries, insects, small mammals and reptiles.
  14. Their natural predators include the lion, cheetah, hyenas and crocodiles.
  15. Interestingly, the ostrich egg is almost 10 times the size of a normal chicken egg.
  16. The Ostrich is said to have a kick so powerful that it is fatal most of the mammals.
  17. The ostriches are hunted by humans for their meat and feathers.
  18. The ostrich egg is a cuisine delicacy amongest the human beings.


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