Name : Chinook
      Origin : North America
          Size : 69cn (27in)

     Weight : 41kg (90lbs)
 Life Span : 14 years
      Group : North
  1. Chinooks were first bred by author and explorer Arthur T. Walden in New Hampshire.
  2. They are gentle and non-aggressive dogs that are also rare to find these days.
  3. They love going hiking or camping as they were originally designed for pulling sleds.
  4. They are medium-sized dogs with floppy ears and a slender, sickle shaped tail.
  5. Chinooks are loyal and friendly with children, thus making excellent house pets.
  6. They are intelligent dogs who can be trained easily and quickly without much trouble.
  7. Chinooks can live for about 14 years on an average.
  8. Chinooks are muscular dogs and their colour usually ranges from tan to honey gold.
  9. Chinooks are working dogs who might bark at strangers but do not attack.
  10. Chinooks do shed a lot and hence require a bit of grooming and maintenance.
  11. They need their quota of exercise in order to be physically and mentally healthy.
  12. Chinooks are not recommended for first time dog owners as they require experienced hands.
  13. Chinooks need to be socialized early to prevent them from becoming shy or reclusive.
  14. Chinooks are peaceful dogs who get along well with other house pets as well.
  15. They shouldn’t be left by themselves for long durations as they get bored.
  16. Chinooks are usually sturdy, robust, and healthy and are not prone to illnesses.
  17. The Chinook is the official state dog of New Hampshire.
  18. Chinooks are a little on the pricier side as they are not easily available.


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