Kingdom : Animalia
                                  Class : Mammalia
                               Family : Procaviidae
                Scientific Name : Procavia 

                               Colour : Brown, Tan, 
                                              Grey, Yellow,
                          Skin Type : Fur
                               Size(L) : 45cm - 55cm 
                                              (17.7in - 21.6in)
                               Weight : 3kg - 4kg 
                                              (6.6lbs - 8.8lbs)

                         Top Speed : 30kph (18mph)
                          Life Span : 5 - 12 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Rubbery soles on
                                              their feet
                           Fun Fact : Actually related 
                                                 To Elephants
                                                 and Manatees!
  1. The rock hyrax is a unique mammal that is classifies as a separate order of animal.
  2. They are most commonly found in Eastern Africa.
  3. They are also known as the Rock Dassie or the Rock rabbit.
  4. Despite their rodent-like appearance, they are not closely related to them but are surprisingly related to the elephant and the manatee.
  5. There are two subspecies- The Yellow-Spotted Hyrax and the Tree Hyrax.
  6. The rock hyrax looks like a guinea pig but without a tail and with rounded ears.
  7. Their body is covered with hair and a small hairless gland is covered with longer hair that could be black, white or yellow in color.
  8. They have short legs with padded feet for easy clambering amongst rocks.
  9. They inhabit a variety of habitats like high altitude areas, rainforests, savanna, shrub lands etc.
  10. Their only requirement is to have shelter in crevices between rocks and boulders as they do not dig their own burrows.
  11. They are sociable animals living in colonies comprising up to 50 members, led by a territorial male.
  12. The communicate amongst themselves through various noises and spend most of their time sunbathing.
  13. The female rock hyrax gives birth to 2-3 young after an 8-month gestation.
  14. The babies develop very quickly and form a nursery group for protection when their mother is foraging for food.
  15. They are omnivores, feeding on fruits, leaves, herbs, grasses, insects, eggs and small lizards.
  16. Their natural predators are leopards, snakes and large birds.
  17. Interestingly, to keep their area clean, the go to toilet in a designated place.
  18. Humans have hunted rock hyrax for their meat and fur and use their droppings in traditional medicines.

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