Kingdom : Animalia
                   Class : Mammalia
                Family : Felidae
 Scientific Name : Lynx rufus

                Colour : Tawny, Beige, Brown,
                                 Red, Black, White
           Skin Type : Fur
                Size(L) : 65cm - 100cm 
                                  (25in - 40in)
                Weight : 4.1kg - 15.3kg
                                  (9lbs - 33lbs)

          Top Speed : 55kn/h (34mph)
           Life Span : 12 - 15 years
Most Distinctive 
              Feature : Short ear tufts 
                               and bobbed tail
           Fun Fact : About double the size 
                              of a domestic cat!
  1. Bobcats are medium-sized wildcats found in the southern half of North America.
  2. They are closely related to the Canadian Lynx.
  3. There are about 12 sub-species of Bobcat varying in their geographic range and coloration.
  4. They are different from Canadian Lynx in being smaller, darker and having a small bobbed tail.
  5. They have mottled or spotted fur in beige, brown or red color which helps them camouflage in their habitat.
  6. Distinctively, they are double the size of a domestic cat and have small ear tufts and a short tail not more than 15cm.
  7. They are highly adaptive animals known to inhabit a variety of habitats.
  8. They are nocturnal animals hunting during dawn and dusk.
  9. They are territorial marking their territories with scents from urine and feces and claw markings on trees.
  10. They are solitary animals which come together only to mate at the start of winters.
  11. The female Bobcat gives birth to around 6 kittens after a 10-week gestation.
  12. The kittens are born blind and are cared for by their mother for the first few months.
  13. Bobcats are carnivores preying on small mammals and occasionally on larger animals like deer and sheep.
  14. Their natural predators are cougars, wolves and coyotes.
  15. They are incredibly powerful and secretive animals capable of hunting animals double their size.
  16. They silently stalk their prey and pounce on them before fatally biting them.
  17. Interestingly, their fierce growls and snarls are mistaken by people to be that of a mountain lion’s.
  18. Some species of Bobcats are endangered due to human hunting and habitat loss.


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