Kingdom : Animalia
                            Class : Aves
                         Family : Apterygidae
          Scientific Name : Actinidia Deliciosa

                        Size(H) : 25cm - 45cm 
                                        (9.8in - 17in)
                  Wing Span : 40cm - 60cm 
                                       (15.7in - 23.6in)
                         Weight : 1.3kg - 3.3kg 
                                        (2.6lbs - 7.3lbs)
                   Top Speed : 19km/h (12mph)

                    Life Span : 8 - 12 years
                        Colour : Brown, Grey, White
                   Skin Type : Feathers
  Distinctive Features : Round body and
                                       long, sharp and
                                       straight beaks
  1. Kiwi is a brown colored flightless, fuzzy bird found exclusively in the jungles and forests of New Zealand.
  2. There are many species of kiwi and all of them are found in New Zealand.
  3. Kiwi is the national icon of and national bird of New Zealand.
  4. Interestingly, native New Zealanders are also referred to, as Kiwis.
  5. They are believed to be related to the Ostrich and the Emu, and are the smallest members of this family.
  6. They are rendered flightless because of their weight and small wingspan.
  7. They spend most of their time foraging for food on the forest floors.
  8. They have long beaks, almost a third of the size of their body.
  9. They are omnivores, feeding on worms, spiders, insects, fruits and berries.
  10. Initially, there were no natural predators of kiwi, but with human settlements, their pets are a huge threat to kiwis.
  11. The rats, cats, ferrets, weasels and dogs have extensively hunted kiwis and their eggs.
  12. So much so, that there are only around 200 kiwis in the wild today.
  13. There are many kiwi conservation projects being undertaken in New Zealand to protect the existing kiwi population.
  14. Kiwis are nomadic birds, which move around a lot and do not stay in a single place.
  15. They dig burrows during the day and sleep in it that night and the next day move on to dig another burrow.
  16. The kiwis are known to stay in a place only when they nest to lay their eggs.
  17. The female kiwi lays around 5 eggs in a clutch which hatch after 3 months.
  18. Kiwis live in pairs and mate with their partners only, with the female being dominant.


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