Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Reptilia
                 Family : Iguanidae
  Scientific Name : Iguana Iguana

                      Size : 0.91m - 1.83m (3ft - 6ft)
                 Weight : 4 - 8kg (8.8 - 17.6lbs)
           Top Speed : 35km/h (21mph)
            Life Span : 15 - 20 years

                Colour : Green, Brown, Yellow
           Skin Type : Scales
Special Features : Long tongue and change 
                               skin colour with mood
  1. Iguanas are large species of lizards native to the Caribbean and Central and South American Jungles.
  2. They grow to an average length of around 3ft to 6ft and weigh between 4-8kg.
  3. They have excellent eyesight and are able to detect movement from a very long distance.
  4. This helps them detect their prey and escape from their predators even before they notice them.
  5. They communicate with each other through a series of rapid eye movements which they pick up through their excellent sight.
  6. The Green Iguanas inhabit the tree canopies of the rainforests of South America.
  7. They hardly ever come down to ground and the younger iguanas live lower on the trees than the older ones.
  8. They prefer to inhabit areas where water is around and are known to be excellent swimmers.
  9. They also prefer forest environment and are able to perfectly camouflage themselves with their green and brown scales.
  10. They tend to bask in sunlight at spots on the trees which are directly above water.
  11. This enables them to escape from danger by diving into the water.
  12. They are omnivores with a predominantly vegetarian diet especially fruits and green leafy plants.
  13. The female iguanas dig burrows and lay around 3 eggs per clutch in those burrows.
  14. The natural predators of iguanas are the Eagle, Hawk and Snakes.
  15. Interestingly, they are known to be able to change their color according to their mood.
  16. In the wild, they live to be around 15-20 years old.
  17. Iguanas are a very popular choice in households worldwide as exotic pets.
  18. They are a species that is threatened from extinction today

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