Name : Dunker
     Origin : Norway
         Size : 53cm (21in)

    Weight : 22kg (49lbs)
Life Span : 14 years
     Group : Hound
  1. Dunkers are medium-sized hunting dogs who are very popular in their native country, Norway.
  2. Also known as Norwegian Hounds, they were first bred by Wilhelm Dunker.
  3. Dunkers are scent hounds and rely on their superior sense of smell for tracking.
  4. Dunkers are friendly and energetic dogs who require lots of exercise and activity.
  5. Dunkers are athletic and muscular dogs with black or blue dappled coats.
  6. They are not recommended for novice dog owners since they aren’t easy to train.
  7. Their coats are straight and are easy to maintain, not requiring too much grooming.
  8. Since they have drooping ears, they need to be carefully cleaned off accumulated dirt.
  9. Dunkers can withstand extremely cold temperatures and are generally healthy dogs.
  10. Dunkers can be a little expensive since they are not readily available.
  11. As they bark a lot Dunkers are generally not suitable for apartment life.
  12. They require lots of space to run about as they are very active dogs.
  13. Dunkers are affectionate but don’t make for good guard dogs as they aren’t aggressive.
  14. Dunkers are known to be alert, intelligent and typically get along well with children.
  15. Dunkers can live for about 12 – 15 years approximately.
  16. Litter size of Dunkers are usually about 10 puppies on an average.
  17. Dunkers are social pack animals and hence get along well with other dogs.
  18. Dunkers who are not exercised well will become nervous, bored and destructive.

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