Kingdom : Animalia
                                  Class : Mammalia
                               Family : Felidae
                Scientific Name : Panthera onca

                               Colour : Yellow, Brown, 
                                                Tan, White,
                          Skin Type : Fur
                               Size(L) : 1.1m - 1.9m 
                                               (43in - 75in)
                               Weight : 36kg - 160kg 
                                               (79lbs - 350lbs)

                         Top Speed : 80kph (50mph)
                          Life Span : 10 - 15 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Beautiful rose
                                              ted fur pattern
                           Fun Fact : The largest 
                                               feline on the 
  1. Jaguar are the largest felines found in Central and South American tropical rainforests
  2. They are very closely related to leopards, with a heavier and sturdier bodies than leopards.
  3. They are large, muscular animals with extremely strong jaws for a powerful bite.
  4. They are third largest big-cats after the tiger and the lion.
  5. They have dark yellow or tan fur with dark resetting throughout the body.
  6. The unique dotted pattern of the jaguars helps them camouflage in the wild.
  7. They are elusive animals preferring the proximity of water like floodplains and slow rivers.
  8. They are solitary animals which are also excellent swimmers.
  9. The male jaguars are incredibly territorial marking their territories with scratch marks on trees and urine.
  10. The female jaguars attract the male jaguars to mate by using loud vocal calls.
  11. Once the cubs are born, the mothers are very protective of their cubs.
  12. The cubs are born blind and slowly grow independent by the age of two.
  13. The Jaguars hunt for their prey in ground, in water and from trees.
  14. They are formidable and aggressive hunters preying on almost 80 species of animals.
  15. They have no natural predators but are widely hunted by humans for their beautiful fur.
  16. Interestingly, they have the strongest bite among all the cats.
  17. Jaguars are also able to interbreed with leopards and lions
  18. Habitat loss and Human hunting have made jaguars a threatened species today.

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