Kingdom : Animalia
                                Class : Mammalia
                             Family : Felidae
              Scientific Name : Acinonyx jubatus

                              Group : Mammal
                             Colour : Yellow, Tan,
                                              Brown, Black
                        Skin Type : Fur
                            Size(H) : 115cm - 136cm
                                             ( 45in - 53in)
                             Weight : 40kg - 65kg 
                                             ( 88lbs - 140lbs)
                        Top Speed : 112kph (70mph)
                         Life Span : 10 - 12 years
Most Distinctive Feature : Yellow fur 
                                              covered in smal
                                               black spots
                           Fun Fact : The fastest land 
                                               mammal in 
                                               the world!
  1. Cheetahs are large, powerful felines found only in a few remote locations in Africa and Asia.
  2. There are around 5 subspecies of Cheetah mainly distinguished by their geographic location.
  3. They have long, slender bodies covered with yellowish fur with black spots.
  4. They are the fastest land mammals in the world reaching top speeds of 70mph.
  5. Their powerful hind legs and muscular, flexible spine helps them achieve their incredible speed.
  6. Their long tails help them in balancing and in changing directions quickly.
  7. Their non-retractable claws give them great grip at high speeds.
  8. They are most active during the daytime and avoid competition with night time predators
  9. Male cheetahs are quite sociable seen in small groups whereas the females are solitary animals
  10. Interestingly, they are not considered a part of the “Big-cat” family due to their inability to roar.
  11. Their shyness and stealthiness helps them hunt during the day.
  12. Female cheetahs give birth to 2 to 5 cubs after a 3-month gestation.
  13. The cubs are born blind and are nursed and taken care of by their mothers.
  14. The predators hunt on the vulnerable cubs and are a big reason for their dwindling numbers.
  15. Cheetahs have an incredible sense of sight and can stalk their prey from far away.
  16. They hunt large herbivores like Zebra, Gazelle, Antelopes and Wildebeest.
  17. Since they are the dominant predators they do not have animals preying on them.
  18. Their name means the spotted one and they are easily confused with the leopard.
  19. They are vulnerable species with declining numbers because of habitat loss through humans.

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