Kingdom : Animalia
                    Class : Mammalia
                 Family : Platanistoidea
  Scientific Name : Platanistoidea

                      Size : 2 - 2.5m (72 - 98in)
                 Weight : 100 - 200kg (220 -
           Top Speed : 32km/h (18mph)
            Life Span : 12 - 18 years

                 Colour : Grey, Pink
            Skin Type : Smooth
 Special Features : Long, narrow beak 
                                and flexible neck
  1. River dolphins are dolphins that are found in the rivers of the Southern Hemisphere.
  2. They are freshwater dolphins and inhabit the rivers, lake and estuaries.
  3. However, the La Plata river dolphin inhabits the salt water estuaries.
  4. They inhabit the slow-moving, dark rivers and venture into grasslands and underwater forests during floods
  5. There are only four species of river dolphins in the world today.
  6. The Amazon River Dolphin is found in the Amazon river and the rivers joining it.
  7. They are also known as the Pink river dolphin or the Boto.
  8. They are largest species of river dolphin and survive by feeding on catfish, crabs and fish.
  9. The Amazon river dolphins have no natural predators and are only hunted by humans.
  10. The Ganges river dolphins are found in the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers and the rivers joining it.
  11. They are found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan
  12. Their teeth are so long that they can be seen when the dolphin closes its mouth.
  13. Unfortunately, the Chinese River Dolphin, once found in the Yangtze river is extinct today.
  14. Most of the river dolphins have very poor eyesight, with some being absolutely blind.
  15. This is sad, as they do not see an oncoming fishing boat and are accidentally killed.
  16. They catch their prey through echolocation, by sensing the low- frequency waves emitted by all living beings.
  17. Their long, narrow beak and flexible neck enable them to turn easily and quickly in water and help them in catching their prey,
  18. They usually live in pairs, and often come together to feed, in large groups.
  19. Baby river dolphins are born underwater when river water is at maximum.

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